Floristry Tips

My creative process…

I’m often asked do you have a vision in mind before making something. The answer is yes… and no. Yes I have an idea of what I think might look good or what colours I want to use but never much more than that. I find that when I do have a specific idea that’s when I get into trouble because you need to be open to where a design is going to lead you, rather than where you want it to go. And sometimes it’s just about keeping going and trusting that it’s going to turn out ok.

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Summer cut flower tips…

This week in your bouquet you might find some of the following: dahlia, gladioli, calla lilies,
scabiosa, strawflowers, matricaria
daisies and hydrangea. Summer flowers while lovely are generally speaking more delicate and not as long lasting as Autumn/ Winter flowers.  This means that instead of a vase life of 7 days plus, summer cut flowers are more likely to last up to 5 days.  Keep reading for some cut flower care tips.

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Embracing the ordinary beauty of our work…

If there’s one thing we do too much of in our studio it’s apologise. We brush past someone and apologise, borrow the clippers and apologise, it got so bad that when customers complimented me on my business I’d find myself downplaying the compliment instead of just accepting it. So this year we’re not doing that. This year we need to rise up because what makes this business special in all its imperfections is what will help us stand out and get through 2023.

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