The way we work

Beautiful flowers, mess and chaos. That’s us.

We’re a floral studio / workshop set up to create gorgeous, wild arrangements that look like they have a connection with the garden.  

We take the bent stems, the crazy seed pods, seasonally coloured leaves and pair them with flowers to create works of art that are perfectly imperfect.  Mother Nature doesn’t have much time for uniformity and neither do we.  It’s not just about a bunch of flowers in a vase, it’s a feeling the arrangement evokes, the connection to the garden. 

The world is beautiful and messy, and more often than not things don’t go to plan, but that’s where the magic is – it’s taking what you’ve got, not what you wish you had and making the most of it. So it might sound corny but that’s our gift to you, a little melding of chaos and harmony in the work that we create.

Our Flowers

Think of us as your seasonal chef, who’s menu changes weekly depending on the season.  We only use New Zealand grown flowers in our work, and as much as possible we source them direct from the grower, so they are fresher and last longer.  

A lot of our growers are smaller and rather than dictating to them how many flowers we want of a particular type, colour and stem length, we leave it up to them what they send us.  So we won’t always know exactly what flowers to expect each week and how many, but it keeps life fun and challenges us to use different flowers and different colours than we might otherwise choose.  But just remember – while we might not have roses in stock, it doesn’t mean we can’t make a romantic bouquet.

Sustainable floristry…

We love flowers and we love what we do, but floristry itself has become very wasteful – imported flowers being used in preference to locally grown ones, wasteful packaging and plastic wrap, the use of floral foam (a petroleum product that doesn’t break down) and cheap plastic containers are just the tip of the iceberg.  None of that is sustainable long term, so we’re here being the change we want to see through using only NZ grown flowers, saying no to cheap imported sprayed and bleached dried flowers, using minimal packaging including op shop sourced jars and fabric for our ribbons and we don’t ever use floral foam.

Our purpose is to create beautiful florals that inspire people to take a second look at their gardens and the world around them.

Who we are…

We’re a kind, caring team who put our families first.  It means we don’t start work until after 9am so we can all see our kids off to school, and that we might be a bit short staffed during school holidays.  We close on Public Holiday weekends and shut down for two weeks over Christmas.  We look out for each other and will always do what we can for our customers and our suppliers.  We value honesty and feedback which is why it’s so important for us to send you a photo of your bouquet and so that you know your flowers got where they were supposed to be.

We’re not trained florists in the traditional sense, because pumping out catalogue bouquets is not what we set out to do.  Instead we’ve created our own style which is much more wild, rustic and relaxed while still being beautiful because the ability to make a beautiful bouquet, does not mean making a ‘perfect’ bouquet.

About Kristen, XOX Floral Founder

Ever since I can remember I have always picked flowers from my mothers and grandmother’s gardens and have always, always wanted my own floral studio.  But growing up I wasn’t inspired and didn’t want to learn to be a catalogue florist, so I became a TV journalist/ producer instead and then slowly found myself drawn back to flowers after burn out,  time spent studying Ikebana in Japan, kids and moving to a new town.  I got to a point where I knew I needed a life with flowers, done my way and so very slowly XOX grew.  XOX is not a word, it’s three letters that stand for ‘Kiss, Hug, Kiss’. In much the same way you might sign a card to show affection, XOX is our mark that symbolises the caring we put into our work.

This little business that started out in my home, solely focused on weddings has now burgeoned into a fully fledged florist studio providing everything from fresh and dried off the shelf bouquets, weddings florals and large scale dried flower installations.  It’s truly a dream come true.

Kristen Somerville

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