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Gratitude diary

Even in an amazing industry like floristry it's easy to have down days, and I've found gratitude lists a good way to remind myself of not only how far I've come, but the incredible people around me.

Even in an amazing industry like floristry it’s easy to have down days, and I’ve found gratitude lists a good way to remind myself of not only how far I’ve come, but the incredible people around me and the wonderful material I get to work with every day.

I’ve seen a lot of creative, talented people start out on this journey and then at some point it gets too much, either their anxiety gets the better of them, the margins are too small, the work too overwhelming or negative customer feedback shakes their confidence.  As florists we do this job because we absolutely love it and we want to share that love with our customers but it’s so easy to let that one negative comment take up residence in your head and wear you down.

I find too that working in the sustainable floristry space it’s easy to think that you’re banging your head against a brick wall, that nobody understands why you don’t use those bleached dried flowers or floral foam when every other florist does, and that nothing will ever change.  But it’s not true, it’s that drip of water against stone, eventually it will wear a path through.  These last couple of years haven’t been easy and I do think the hardest is yet to come, it’s that last stretch of the marathon when the end isn’t quite yet insight and you’ve got to dig down deep to find a reason to keep going.

When I think of the alternative, of not going into my business everyday, not working with flowers and being surround by lovely people I just can’t fathom it. So stopping isn’t an option.  All that said, sometimes it’s hard not too feel overwhelmed or to stop those negative feelings creeping in so if there’s anything Covid has taught me, it’s to be grateful.

What am I grateful for?

– Incredible growers who do the hard work for small gains and send me such beautiful product to work with.

– The flowers themselves that survive being cut, stuffed in a courier box, unpacked and arranged.

– The kind words that customers send everyday thanking us for our efforts, when we’re just doing our job.

– Having a purpose.  Being a sustainable florist makes every decision that much easier and I love being able to say to my kids that Mum is one of those business owners who’s trying to make a difference.

– My amazing staff, because they make going to work a joy.

– The opportunities my customers have given me to create incredible works of art, simply by requesting them.

– That I get to live and work in Taupo.  Where school, work and home are all within 5 minutes of each other and we get to enjoy a beautiful lake.

– That I get to wake up everyday and go and do the thing I love, in the business I’ve built.

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