Wildflower Bridal

  • Seasonal bouquet of mixed flora
  • Choose either Blush tones or Autumn tones

Wild, rustic, fresh bridal bouquets

If you love our style but are not fussy about what colours or flowers we use then leave it up to us and we’ll create something gorgeous for you, bound in twine.  We use only the most beautiful, seasonal fresh flora in gorgeous colours and every bouquet is unique, not necessarily white.

Let us know in the notes when ordering whether you prefer blush or Autumn tones.  If you’re wondering what flowers are likely to be in season we suggest looking at our previous Instagram posts around the month of your wedding.

If you’ve left it to the last minute to organise wedding flowers then this is the option for you.  Please note if you have special colour or flower requests then see our Bespoke Bridal Bouquet instead.  This option does not include a consultation or photos of the bouquet beforehand.


Cards measure 15cm x 15cm

None Dahlia & Cosmos Card +$7.50 Red Peony Card +$7.50 Orange Dahlia Card +$7.50 White Sweetpea Card +$7.50 Eucalyptus Wreath Card +$7.50
None Prepaid Coffee 5x cups - The Cozy Corner +$25.00 Prepaid Coffee 10x cups - The Cozy Corner +$50.00 Quirky Pottery Keep Cup & 5x Prepaid Coffee +$55.00
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For those brides who love our style, but are on a budget and don’t mind what flowers they have or what colour.  Let us know whether you’d prefer blush tones or rust tones.

We’ll use the best of what we have seasonally available and bind your bouquet in twine.  But note there is no consultation for this option and we won’t send a bouquet photo before we bind it.



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