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10 Ten Wedding Flower Tips

We love wedding flowers. They add an extra something special to an already magical day. Check out our top 10 wedding flower tips when you're planning your big day.

 1.     When thinking about flowers for your wedding day try to prioritise the most important pieces – for example your bridal bouquet will feature in a lot of your photos, make sure it’s something you love. If you’re on a budget then look at your must haves, go big on those and forget the rest.  Flowers in the toilets might be a nice touch for guests but there probably won’t be any photos of them, so don’t feel you have to include them.  The same goes for boutonniere, you don’t need to provide one for every uncle and aunt, it’s your wedding so you decide who gets one.

2.     When thinking about your venue and style for the wedding make sure it reflects you as a couple and your personalities. Don’t just go with what’s on trend at the moment.  Think about the kind of space your friends and family will also feel comfortable in.

3.    Let the venue influence your florals – rustic, garden, elegant etc. But do decide the location, style of marquee etc first before you start getting quotes for venue florals.  Not all marquee shapes suit the same type of hanging flora.  You wouldn’t want to put lots of circular wreaths in a teepee style marquee or it might begin to look like a circus tent.  As a vendor it’s frustrating to go to the effort of working out venue costings only to realise the client hasn’t actually made a decision and you’re likely to have to go through the whole quoting proceedure all over again.  

4. Trust your florist! Talk to us and choose based on the style that’s right for you not price.  We’ve had a lot of practice and are very good at what we do. We’re always careful to listen to what you say but if you love our style let us get a bit creative with your design and make something unique.

5.     Be honest about your budget. We love working with couples with any budget and we can help you choose the most impactful pieces.  But please also understand that a wedding bouquet is not like a shop bouquet. We won’t have spent hours sourcing flowers and talking with a client, nor would we spend so much time actually making the bouquet.

6.     Let us know what you like and just as important – what you don’t like.  Flowers are seasonal and what’s available may vary from year to year depending on the weather. We won’t always be able to get the specific flowers you want, but we will do our best to make it work and find an alternative that fits your overall style.  

7.     Make your arrangements go further – its always a great idea to move arrangements from a ceremony spot to the reception so they can be admired for longer.  Instead of tying flowers to chairs down the aisle, you could have them in hanging jars that are then moved inside. 

8.     Don’t opt for fake. Fake flowers can ruin the whole cohesive look. Its always a shame when we go to set up a venue and there are fake flowers or fake ivy. We find it really takes away from the beautiful work we do and just looks a bit odd. Most of the time it would look better without (and you can save the money) or there could be a fresh option worth exploring.  Please if you’re considering this, talk to us and we can give you suggestions.  Our whole philosophy is to create a sustainable flower business and it goes against everything we stand for to put our work next to plastic flowers.

9.  Recycle your blooms! We love turning wedding bouquets into forever wreaths. Drying your flowers is such a special way to keep a part of your wedding as a keepsake.

10. Lastly relax, don’t forget what this day is truly about. It’s easy to get caught up in planning all the little details and if you’re feeling overwhelmed then it might be time to put the magazines down.  Check in with us a month before the wedding to confirm we’ve got all the details right, then again early in the week of your wedding just to make sure of timings and that we’ve got contact numbers for you or whoever will have your phone on the day.  Think about your job list before and after your wedding, everyone loves to help but make sure your friends and family aren’t overwhelmed with jobs in the lead up – what they want is to spend time with you.  And if you are doing a DIY wedding, remember to allow extra time – things will always take longer than you expect.     



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